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Scott has been working with Ceramic and Natural Stones since 1983 when he started and learned the trade from his Father, Dale Grover, who had been working in the tile industry since the days of ‘Plastic Wall Tile’ back in the late ‘50’s.

 Scott has, and does, install tile & stone in a number of different ways. Metal Lath. Concrete board and either Durock or Hardibacker.

  After first being introduced to the Schluter System installation products in 1990, it was an instant fit. Scotts’ preferred method of shower construction and installation is still durock on the studs with Schluter Kerdi as a waterproofing membrane, and the Schluter Shower Pan assembly for the shower floor.

 Check out the samplings of some of our Custom Showers and Custom Baths. It’s the artistry of it that keeps it enjoyable for us....and very satisfying.

   As we said in the “Home” page. We’ll be the ones that help you come up with a design that is uniquely yours....and we’ll be the ones that pay attention to the details of getting the job done right. :-)